Empowr.com – An Honest Under Cover Review

An Honest Under Cover Review – empowr.com In The Beginning I have been working on this platform for about 11 months.  I began using it after I came across an ad in a Traffic Exchange program I was working with.  My goal for more than the past year has been to research the best “work […]

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Deal * HOT Amazon Deals * Trade-In Program


This deal is no different than the barter system.  Don’t know what that is? Look it UP! 

THE HOTTEST DEAL is a few clicks away. Amazon’s Trade-In offer is getting attention.  Your video games, books, electronics and more items, are worth something.  CLICK BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS…and to find out which of your items are eligible for trade-in.  The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for hundreds of thousands of eligible items.


What is the Amazon Trade-In program?

How long will it take to receive payment once I trade in my item?

What condition do my items need to be in?

Are there any shipping or other fees?

You can get up to $309.62 for your used items

Can I use the Amazon App to trade in my items?

Do you guarantee the Trade-In price listed on your website?

Who do I contact with questions about my trade-in?




  • Holiday Seasons Specials – 2016


Electronic Best Sellers AND MORE!   



EVERYONE WORLDWIDE can win here! 100% Risk-Free!

  A BIG One!  Hot, never seen before, and can be enormously lucrative and is 100% Risk-Free!!EVERYONE can win here!This is taking off worldwide already right now, and you are invited to have a great long ride with us…  Yes, it looks very long-term, no fly-by-night.  “Would you be interested in making $25 an hour?” “If someone […]

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Prince – A Tribute by Regi Hendrix

“Prince” A Tribute To One Of The Best Artists of ALL TIME by Regi Hendrix Original artwork by renowned artist Regi Hendrix. “Prince”, acrylic on canvas (24 x 36) autographed.  Shipped to you, wherever you are… YES!!  Regi IS 2nd cousin to the one and only Jimi Hendrix.  He is not only an acrylic artist, he […]

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RFH Studios Illustrates Children’s Books

In case you didn’t know, RFH Studios and our very own Regi Hendrix illustrates as well, and adds this skill to his multiplex of talents. Did you also know, that you can purchase his works on Amazon.com? ** We are using Affiliate Links to monetize our website.  If you click on and purchase this children’s […]

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DeadPool by an Average Hero – Third Time’s A Charm

“Average Hero” is a song Regi Hendrix wrote years ago and can be found on Reverbnation, among other greats. Regi tried to get this video exposure by uploading it to his YouTube account, just after a contest ran by the Stan Lee facebook page. Although it got many hits, it was quickly brought down by YouTube. […]

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cPanel Ugh! Lost It All – Time To Rebuild

Lost It All – Time To Rebuild – cPanel Ugh! In transitioning the Hendrix Valley website, I lost all of my original posts 🙁 This is what happens, even if you THINK you have all your backups in order. What I did wrong? I built my site using WordPress.  This was while I was still with […]

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