Prince – A Tribute by Regi Hendrix

“Prince” A Tribute To One Of The Best Artists of ALL TIME by Regi Hendrix

Original artwork by renowned artist Regi Hendrix. “Prince”, acrylic on canvas (24 x 36) autographed.  Shipped to you, wherever you are…

YES!!  Regi IS 2nd cousin to the one and only Jimi Hendrix.  He is not only an acrylic artist, he is a musician, illustrator and author.  It was a total shock to Regi and I that Prince passed.  We literally have been mourning for weeks, listening to his music and trying to understand WHY this beautiful person was taken from us.  There are reasons for everything.  Unfortunately, it takes to time to put things together and realize why events happen the way they do.  We hope Prince was not disappointed in his venture to his GOD in the end.  You’ll never be forgotten in this house or at Hendrix Valley, EVER.  Love you man and there will be more paintings, BETTER than this one.
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